How to fix hotspot turning off after enable wifi

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i know that if you enable wifi ,the hotspot well turn off ,but i want to use the hotspot to share my wifi connection .
So i want to know if there is a way to fix this on my Android 6.0 phone .
because i don't have Wi-Fi Coverage Extend Feature ,it's only work on android 9+


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May 16, 2014
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There's some confusion involving hotspotting that's complicating things.
When you use your phone's hotspot option, it requires your cellular connection (mobile data) as the source signal and that allows your phone to emit a limited range WiFi signal. Essentially, and in a very loose way with limited features, your phone is acting as a mini-router of its own. So it's not a matter of enabling WiFi in your phone to have online access for your phone, you use your phone's hotspotting to allow other devices to have WiFi connectivity -- i.e. you have a tablet but not in a place where there's a WiFi network available to connect to so you use your phone's hotspot as a workaround. (... and hopefully you have 'unlimited' mobile data in your cellular service account as using it as a hotspot is going to rack up those numbers quickly.)
If you do have WiFi available for your phone, there's no need to use your phone's hotspot as your other gadgets can just be connected to that already existing WiFi network. Unless there's a reason not to -- i.e. public WiFi networks are notoriously insecure and dangerous so, just as an example, you want to do something like online banking on a laptop you need to be wary, use a trusted VPN, and/or just your own secured hotspot WiFi.

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