How to flash CM10 on rooted GB stock

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Jul 1, 2011
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Hello all,

This is not for me but for a friend who saw me rooting and flashing custom ROM on my S3 and wants to have CM10 on his note as well. I've tried reading the forums but couldn't find how exactly to flash ICS/JB rom on top of GB stock. I've succesfully rooted it and installed CWM. I tried flashing CM9 and CM10 but ended up with flash error. I tried with TWRP recovery too but still no go. I read on XDA that we can't flash ICS directly on top of GB rom. So, what is the procedure to do that? Do I need to flash any modem before the rom? If so, which one do you guys think is the best. I'm really sorry if this has been answered before.

Also, any suggestions on which ICS/JB rom is better in terms of stability and the best kernal to go with it. I do realize that most of them might still be in Beta like CM but just want to know which one is better among the existing ones. Thank you so much in advance. I'll be really grateful for suggestions.


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Jul 10, 2011
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Hello Stuie!!
You are on the right track.. Make sure you have the "QuincyATT" CM 10.1 ROM 1st and Formost..or you can ( and most likely will ) Brick your phone flashing the wrong ROM then be sure you have the latest TWRP was the last one that I seen but you may want to check their website to be sure.. In recovery, you need to do a "Factory Reset" to wipe all data.. Flashing the ROM .. The GAPPS Package.. The Modem.. and (Optional) the Kernel are all seperate affairs.. Sounds like you need to head to the NOOB SECTION on XDA.. You have a lot to learn my friend to make sure you don't turn your G-Note into a Cup Holder..:)


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Jan 28, 2011
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Well CM10 is not ICS, it is in fact JellyBean. If you want ICS, then you want a CM9 based ROM. Either way you need to make sure that it is for AT&T Note like stated above.

From there go into Recovery. I use TWRP, it is now on version 4.2.1 and is tested and working. From there you have to format the system, then format the cache and dalvik 3x each. Yes that is important. Then you go back to install and install the ROM. You can also flash the GApps at the same time. Can also go back and do it afterward. TWRP allows you to flash up to 10 zips at once. So the choice is yours.

Then wipe cache and dalvik again for good measure. Then reboot the system. It will take a little longer to boot it the first time. It will then boot after a period of time. It took about 5 minutes to fully boot the first time for me. Then just set it up like you normally would, as long as the GApps are installed. Without the GApps no Play Store will be installed.

The ROM I use s ParanoidAndroid from JamieD.

[rom] [4.1.2] paranoidandroid [2.57] - [jan22] - xda-developers