How to get a new phone through best buy insurance?


AC Question

I have been going through best buy's insurance for my droid mini for 10 dollars a month. I was told it covered lost or stolen phones, damage, and cracked screens. I was also told that there was a 150 dollar deductible for cracked screens. 3 months after I got the phone I dropped it a foot away from the ground and cracked the corner of the screen. It worked fine so I never made a claim on the insurance. Now another 3 months later I got it wet, and again it worked fine after it dried out, but now a few weeks later it stopped charging. I have heard horror stories about best buy and how they can be difficult, so I was thinking it would just be easier to say that I lost it? I am afraid that they will charge me the 150 dollar deductible because the screen is cracked. Anyone had experience with this sort of thing?