How to get phone to only message mobiles, not landlines

Owen Watson

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Aug 13, 2013
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[cross-posted from the General forum]
I've got a Samsung Galaxy S2, system 4.1.2, but suspect this may be a general problem.
When I'm texting someone, it always tries to message the first number in the list, even if it's a landline.
Is there any way to get it so it uses the mobile number (if it's available)?
I've come across this as I've been asked if I can make a group containing all employees for messaging purposes, and a lot of the contact details are already in the Android, with multiple contact numbers. It would be far easier if I could just label the appropriate numbers as mobile numbers, and let the system sort it out. As it is, when I do a mass text, many of them fail as they are aimed at landlines.