How to handle charging the watch if you don't wear it everyday?


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Sep 6, 2011
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If I'm home and not having to wear any jewelry I also don't wear my gear. So far I have just been leaving it on charge. Is this a good thing or will it cause damage? It could be on charge for a couple of days. My luck if I pull this off charge and not use it when I do need it, it will be dead. How is everyone handling this? I guess I could just charge it and turn it off until needed.
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Jul 14, 2011
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I just leave mine in the charger those days I don't use it. Sure, I usually wear it daily, but if I'm going to the beach or know that I'm gonna be in the pool, I just leave it home. These batteries/chargers are usually protected so no damage to the battery or the watch if left charging. But if you don't want to use it, you could just turn it off and leave it off the charger. Shouldn't drain that fast.


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Mar 19, 2015
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..... I guess I could just charge it and turn it off until needed.
That's what I typically do. My job is too risky to wear my Gear S at work so I take it off and turn it off as I head to work then turn it on when I get home. Then on my last day of the work week, when it's near empty, I leave it on the charger so it's fully topped off to start the weekend. Depending on use, I can get through most of the weekend before needing to top it off again to restart the work week. Just those 2 charge cycles is enough for the week about half the time. The other half, usually due to more use on the weekends, there is an extra charge needed.

But when I anticipate more unpredictability in my routine, like this week when I am on vacation, I try to pop it on the charger when I notice I am approaching 50% just so it's not dying just when I need it. That's one of the big advantages, and disadvantages of the Gear S, it's there when you need it but also easy to forget you're wearing it when no calls or notifications are coming in to remind you it's there.

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