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How to have a microSD card last longer


AC Question

Recently I have been downloading, and listening to FLAC files on my microSD card in my Moto Z Force. After using the microSD for about 2 months, it had died. I set up the microSD card as Shared Storage and I have read that this could shorten the life expectancy of the card. I have a new 32 GB SanDisk Ultra, and I am keeping it as portable storage. If I were to download my music back to my new SD card, and listen to the music from it, would this shorten my SD card's lifespan?

I have already gone through 2 other microSD cards before getting this new one

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! The more read-write operations an SD card goes through, the more it wears down, so it would make sense that an SD card formatted as Internal Storage might have a shorter lifespan than one formatted as Portable Storage (since the former will be accessed more often, due to apps that are installed directly to the card). But probably the bigger issue here is that SD cards are generally low quality memory -- I was told this by a friend who works in the industry. I don't have any numbers, but the chance of SD card failure or corruption is not negligible, as you can see by the fairly regular posts here from people who lost data on cards that died. This is one of the main reasons not to rely on SD cards as the sole storage for important data, and it's also a reason why you should think twice before formatting a card as Internal Storage.