How to I fix duplicate text messages for samsung galaxy s9?

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when I text someone they receive it more than once.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: How do I fix number of text messages on Samsung Galaxy S9?

You are, or your name would be Android Central Question.

The badge (the number you see on the icon, isn't the number of messages you have, it's the number of message notifications you have. If you pull down the shade and swipe them all away, it should go to 0. (And everyone complains about that - they want to swipe the notifications away, but still keep the number of calls, messages, emails, etc., they have waiting in the app. If you want to spend a few bucks, you can run the paid version of Nova Launcher, and TeslaUnread for Nova Launcher, and that's what you'll get. (Along with a lot of things that, in my opinion, make Samsung Experience Touch Wiz a lame launcher. (10 rows of 7 apps on each home screen? 5 docks [the apps at the bottom]? No app drawer app, just swipe up? Installable themes [most themes work with Nova]? Lots more.) It's $5 for the launcher, the "unread" is free, and you can keep updating until the developer dies, for no additional cost. When I get a Samsung phone, I set it up (you almost have to do that first), then install Nova. Just thinking about using TW gives me the creeps. (But my wife loved it - she couldn't stand Nova. Then again, I've been using Firefox since it came out. She was still using Windows Explorer until a few years ago. And she calls me hidebound ["Mr. DOS Man"]. So it took 3 years to drag me from DOS to Windows. I can still pop a cmd window - or a Powershell window, and run things, but I can also run a Linux command line or a Linux desktop environment [which is really what Android is - a graphic interface to Linux].)

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