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How to install (Official) Android 8 on my Windows 10 Tablet

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It's a NuVision Tablet (This one amazondotcom/dp/B01H3B17R8). I don't want to dual-boot, or emulate or whatever, I want it to be an Android tablet (if that's possible). And preferably official Android, not a 3rd Party one. And if it is 3rd Party, at least one that works just like Official and isn't buggy.


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Feb 12, 2012
It's a Windows tablet, not an Android tablet, so the manufacturer almost certainly didn't write an Android version for it (which would be "the official Android" for any device - one that the manufacturer supplies).

The chances of your rewriting AOSP (Android Open Source Project) yourself so it runs on the tablet are probably almost none to none at all - you have to write the entire hardware interface for it.


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Jun 10, 2014
Someone on XDA managed after great difficulty to get Android to boot on a Windows Phone, but I think that that’s all it did. I believe that it then turned into a block of cheese before his very eyes, or something of the sort. :(


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Jul 2, 2020
It is not that hard to install Android 8 on a Windows tablet, but you need to pay attention to some small details in order to have a better experience while installing it and then using. First you need to make sure you have high speed connection on your Windows PC. Second, connect your tablet to PC via USB. Then run the Change My Software tool and set the correct version. The next steps are easy so it is not necessary to tell you, you will see. I am back to Windows and I'm very glad to find free softs on the internet and free driver updaters ( I was missing them so much).
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Jul 7, 2013
Then run the Change My Software tool and set the correct version.

This is likely device-specific. You can't just change the OS on any random Windows tablet, there has to be a build of Android for the device in question. Also, this thread is almost 2 years old, I certainly hope the thread starter has either found their solution or moved on.