How to move email from one inbox to the folders of another account


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Mar 6, 2014
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Howdy folks
I posted this initially in the LG G2 forum, but didn't get much response, hence am bumping. I'm using a D802 international version of the G2 with Jelly Bean, and have loaded my 5 different email accounts into the stock standard email application.

I like to file my emails away in email folders, particularly if they are from customers or have other information I want to keep. On my old iPhone there were two ways of doing this: I could either click on an icon while reading the email which allowed me to move it to another folder - OR - from the main email screen I could select multiple emails and then move them together to a folder.

I'm having two problems:

1. In the COMBINED inbox (the default email application on my G2) , I can' see any option to move my emails to another folder - nor can I see one when I'm viewing the email. However - if I go to a specific inbox for one of my accounts, then I can either long press on the email and see a "Move To" option, or I can go into the email, select the menu and see the "Move To" option.

Any ideas how I could get the "Move To" option from the combined inbox please? It's a bit of a pain sometimes for me to have to try and guess which account a particular email might be in, and then have to move out of the combined inbox to find it and move it.

2. Second problem is that sometimes email comes into one account, but my folders for that subject are in a different email account. I can see how to move emails to folders in the same account, but how would I move an email into the folders in a different account? It was a trivial exercise on my iPhone and is a standard feature for any desktop email program so I guess I'm just doing something wrong here

So far I've tried AquaMail, K9, easyMail, the default app, Emoze and Boomerang. I'm sure there are more email apps out there, so if you know of one that DEFINITELY supports this, please could you make a recommendation?


All help appreciated!


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