How to reassign "make note" ?

Rick Reumann

Oct 2, 2014
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I'm sort of stumped here.. typically default apps you can clear by going to the app manager -> app -> clear defaults.

I've assigned voice "ok google" "make note..." to assign to Wunderlist. I now want to clear this (without uninstalling the app) and assign make note to another app, but I can't figure out how to clear what "make note" is assigned to. I figured it would show up under Wunderlist but it doesn't.

I can probably uninstall Wunderlist, but there must be a way to get back the prompt for using voice tasks to assign to new apps?

Not sure where to set this. Thanks.

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
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In the Google app, give another "Ok Google, make a note" command. Do you see a prompt within the Google app to type or speak the note? If so, tap the 3-vertical-dot overflow menu button at the corner of that card (right next to the Wunderlist icon), and you should get an option to choose a different app.