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How to record game footage on samsung galaxy s8

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Anyone know how i can record my game and footage

If i wanne play VR games and record the games and myself at same times splitscreen.

I find a app called MirrorOP sender for Galaxy.

But it want me to root my phone before it allow me to connect, and i wont root it.

Is there any other way to doit without root the phone ?


New member
Feb 3, 2018
Okay so if I am under standing you correctly you want to Stream or Record Mobile VR games. If you don't want to root your phone or use a 3rd party apps that may break or compromise the security of your phone. You are left with very few options.

But here is one completely ridiculous way that you may be able to get it to work,

Get a chrome cast (it has a screen mirroring and audio)
Plug your chrome cast into a capture card connected to your computer
Using a capture software such as OBS you can set your side by side screen
Screencast your device screen from your google home application
Start recording

If this works be sure to post the videos here, I like this idea a lot!