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How to remove SIM card stuck in flap slot?


AC Question

How to remove SIM card stuck in flap slot. It's NOT under battery.

Have brand new Droid Razr xt907. Carrier sent SIM card too small. Didn't realize it until it went too far in & got stuck. Have tried to get it to dislodge or dis-engage, but no luck.
Is there some way to get to it other than taking the phone apart? I'm not that savvy, and paying someone else to do it would cost more than the phone (bought on Ebay).


New member
Oct 7, 2016
The easiest (not necessarily the cheapiest) way to remove a nano or micro SIM card from a wrong slot is using a dentistry hand tool called Hedstroen file. It's a tool for root canal and it looks like a needle with micro hooks around. Just insert one file on each side of the card and pull them parallel and gently, working as a pair of tweezers. I used a file #35 (green) and #40 (black). A set of files ( 1st serie, #15 to #40) costs no more than US$10.00.nano card.jpg