How to root your Verizon Moto X


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Oct 30, 2009
The PwnMyMoto process has been superseded by RockMyMoto, which has been superseded by SlapMyMoto & MotoWpNoMo.

Unfortunately, 4.4.2 has patched the exploits used, so they don't work. And downgrading the rom from 4.4.2 to 4.4 or lower can/will hard brick your phone.

Verizon users with a Developer Edition should request the Bootloader unlock code from Moto's Web Site, then follow this to root -> [STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS] Unlocking and Rooting a Dev Ed Moto X Running Kit Kat - xda-developers

Verizon users that don't have a develper edition, but have 4.4.2 are very limited.

The vulnerabilities exploited to root and disable write protection when the bootloader is locked have been patched in 4.4.2, so the past root methods can't be used.

In addition, updates to motoboot (bootloader) and GPT.BIN prevent successfully downgrading to lower firmwares (i.e. flashing 4.4 or lower onto your phone). Attempting to downgrade to 4.4 or lower once you have 4.4.2 on your phone will result in either bricking your phone, or set you up to brick in the future, so its recommended you do NOT try to downgrade once you have 4.4.2 on your phone.

JCASE did recently release a root process for 4.4.2, BUT it does NOT disable write protection, so it (and any changes you made via root) must be re-done every time you power the phone off/on. This process also must be done connected to a PC. See -> [Root 4.4.X] Pie for Motorola devices - xda-developers

If you can find a way to unlock their bootloader (currently there have been threads on XDA of a Chinese Website/MiddleMan SELLING unlock codes, but the services/person is not always available... its down/unavailable again), then you can root just like the Developer Edition owners can.
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