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How to save images from Facebook Pages Manager and WhatsApp HUAWEI P20

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I switched from iPhone 6s to Huawei p20 pro. I'm loving it but how the **** do I save images from apps like Facebook Pages Manager (I'm a community manager - so I need to save images from incoming messages).

And on WhatsApp -> I understand you can sync all of the images, but is there a way to manually save an image to your gallery without using the sync all images option?

On the iPhone you only had to long press to save an image, or you atleast had the three dots to chose from. Now I can't do anything, just make screenshots. (The part of Facebook Pages Manager-app is more important for me to master).



Jul 14, 2011
Not sure about the FB Community because I don't use that, but if you get your messages through Messenger, when you're viewing an image there should be a MORE button at the bottom. That has the SAVE option. While on the FB app, just tap on the image and while you're viewing it, there are three dots at the top; that has the SAVE TO PHONE option.

For Whatsapp, everything you receive and view is already automatically saved to your phone's internal memory. Just look for the WHATSAPP IMAGES album/folder in your Gallery.