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How to stop a pop-up ad that occurs in browsers, facebook, newpaper


AC Question

Ad is Global Alliances Mobile Strike - just pops-up when in a browser, facebook, or newspaper app. I have installed AVG and AirPush Detector but finds nothing.

I have a Galaxy S6 SM-G920I Android version 5.1.1

the tall guy

Q&A Team
Sep 23, 2013
Hi - I would suggest a factory reset as it sounds like you have a virus in your phone. It might be harmless, but can be very frustrating. Make sure you back up your data before you perform any reset.

You could also look at recent apps that you have downloaded and remove them, see if the issue persists.

DJ Criss Angel

New member
Dec 12, 2015
Sorry is this not what we are here for!! To avoid factory resets.
I'll try and resolve myself.
Keep watching.

Javier P

Feb 21, 2014
Hi, welcome to the forums! Have you already tried clearing cache and data for the browser and then reboot?