How to stop SD card from deleting pictures in Google Photos?

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The SD card is my default storage. To save space I delete unwanted/silly pictures. But I like to have them in Photos, just in case. When I delete a picture from the SD card/ Gallery, it deletes them from Photos. How do I stop the SD card/gallery from deleting pictures in Google Photos?

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! When you say it's deleting them from Photos, do you mean from your Google Photos cloud, or just from what you can see in the Google Photos app? Are you using the Google Photos Backup feature, and making sure the photos on the card are being automatically backed up to the cloud? If so, then those photos will be safe in the cloud

If you're using the Google Photos app to remove a photos locally, but not from the cloud, select the photo, tap the Menu button, and tap the Delete from Device option (not the garbage can option, which will put all copies in the Trash, including in the cloud).