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Mar 22, 2011
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OK this seems so basic, I didn't want to start a thread, but google and searching these forums has not helped, so.....

I have XP. The manual assumes you just connect TB to computer, and you have a dialog box to choose Sync, Disc Drive, etc. Instead, I get the Found New Hardware Wizard, followed by automatically sending me to Verizon V Cast Media Manager webpage, along with a popup that says,

"Software is available that will help your Android phone communicate with your PC. Install Now? Please select 'Internet Connection Mode' in your device first".

The Found New Hardware Wizard failed. Do I need to download the Verizon software that the popup is asking? Is the Software the V Cast Media Manager? With that app already on the phone, do we need the desktop version as well to communicate with the phone?

In my phone settings, I have already set the Connect to PC to Disc Drive, but I am still getting the dreaded Found New Hardware Wizard. :'(

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Nov 28, 2010
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Yes, the pop up you are getting is to install the V Cast Media Manager Software. It sounds like you're missing or need to update the drivers. I, personally don't find any use for V Cast. You really don't need it. You can just set your phone as an external drive and copy and paste your files from your computer to the SD Card.

If you want to disable V Cast from popping up every time you connect your phone, follow these instructions:

Stop Windows pop-up when connected via USB:
Dial ##7764726
Hit Call
Type Password is 000000 (6 0s)
Hit Feature Settings
Choose CD ROM
Click Disable
Hit menu, commit modifications (it will say no item changed)


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Mar 22, 2011
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It use to work... I guess they did away with it for the TB.

According to HTC tech support, they did. Verizon also verified the backdoor is no longer there and they can't access the CD-rom feature.

However, HTC tech support said if "Vcast" is removed from your list of features in the Verizon account, it will serve the same purpose. Verizon's system is currently having problems, but I have asked that anything Vcast be removed from my account. Will see after that.

HTC also said they are working on "many" updates to the TB that we should see soon.
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Aug 28, 2010
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If you're rooted, you can use root explorer and navigate to: system/etc, enable Mount R/W, and then delete the CDROM.ISO file

Sorry to you kids who aren't rooted. But as the emperor said to Luke: Join Us.


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