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How to sync contacts on Samsung J7 to Nexus 5

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My desktop OS is Ubuntu 17.04, my contacts are on the J7 and I would like to get them on the Nexus 5 as well. I have a google account on both phones, I think. I also have a samsung account on the J7. Sync is enabled on both phones as well and they are bluetooth paired.

btw I don't consider myself computer illiterate but my experience is with personal computers older than most people are young.


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Feb 12, 2012
Make sure all your contacts on the Nexus are Google contacts. (Edit each one and see, or go to Google Contacts and make sure they're all there.) If some (or all) aren't, you'll have to delete each one that isn't and enter it as a Google account contact.

Then put the J5 on the same Google account as the Nexus, make sure that contact syncing is on (in Settings/Accounts) and they'll be synced to the J5. (This is why all contacts should be Google contacts. If someone had driven over your Nexus, and your accounts were Phone, Device or SIM contacts, they'd be lost.)

Oh, as far as age is concerned, I remember the day FDR died.