How to test a G1


Jul 28, 2009
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I am going to buy a used G1 to test out using Flex Pay before I commit to moving my number. I can purchase a flex pay account without a phone.

If I like it, I will probably get a Mytouch and use the G1 as a backup. If I don't like it or the service in my area, then, no harm, no foul and I will just sell it.

Anyway, I would like suggestions on how to test a canadiate phone. I am planning to purchase locally in my area as the phones are going for about $150 - $200 used. Obviously mechanical damage is easy and I am not worried about that.

The tests I have in mind so far:

1. Test the camera, post to Facebook account.
2. Send email via my google email accout.
3. Test phone calls to friends.
4. Saving to a microSD card I bring.

Other suggestions?



May 18, 2009
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To test the camera is easy and facebook uploading is an option after you take the picture. Sending email via your gmail account may be tricky since the phone will still be locked to the current owners account but you can open up the secondary email application and set up your account that may to test emails. Testing phone calls is plain and simple. And the best way to test the SD card is to open the browser and long press a picture and then choose to save the image. Once its done downloading open up the galley and the picture should be there. HOPE THIS HELPS.