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How to transfer apps' data can't be signed into to another Samsung smartphone

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As I need to return the Note 5 to AT&T warranty today, this is a project for me as AT&T tech support most times either don't know how or don't want to help depending who you get and their remote support is weak always losing connections. Better call Samsung tech support. Maybe I heard bluetooth can be used to get the recordings from Easy Voice Recorder from my note 5 that needs to be returned by today or be charged roughly $600 for a Note 5? BS but terms and conditions and all that makes it legal for them to charge but no one can help me, so transfer of apps that cannot be signed into, being transferred to another Samsung Note 8 from Note 5 but I want the recordings to be transferred to my Note 8 Easy Voice Recorder app as when using samsung smartwitch 9r AT&T mobile transfer those apps comes back empty...


Jul 14, 2011
If the recordings are encrypted to the app, unless you can sign into them, the files won't transfer (and even if you manually copy them, chances are they're unusable beyond that specific device/login...kinda the same with movies/songs downloaded from Play Movies, Music, Netflix, etc.).

If the recordings are just audio files, Smart Switch should have picked them up. If not, or the files are a specific file type for that app, you can manually copy them either to a computer (USB) or send them via WiFi or Bluetooth to another device (like your new phone). Just use the File Manager to find the app's folder and wherever those files are stored in.


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
Unless the app's folder has no permissions for anyone but the owner, in which case the phone has to be rooted.