how to transfer contacts etc. from old flip phone to new moto e4 plus


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Feb 12, 2012
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Bring the phone into (Verizon?) when she gets the new phone and see if they can transfer the contacts. If not, see if the flip phone has any way to export the contacts. You want a .csv file. (If it creates something else, it might be convertible.) If it's an LG phone, see if BitPim will handle it (it won't handle really old ones). You can even just highlight the screen and paste it into Excel or Notepad to create a .csv file, but I think BitPim might export contacts. (It's been years since I even had a phone to use it on, so I'm not sure.)

If nothing else works, export your contacts from Google Contacts (More/Export, Google csv) to see what order things are in, so she can create a similar file of her contacts (by hand, of course, one at a time), and then import it into her Google Contacts (click the "picture" in the upper right corner, once she's created the account - if she doesn't already have one - and let her log in as herself). Then she can import that file (More/Import) and it will sync up with her phone.

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