How to use the loud speaker while answering a call on a Galaxy S8

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I cant figure out how to utilise the speaker when I'm talking to someone when I answer their call.
The speaker icon is visible on the phone screen when I make a call.
Is there a setting somewhere to have the speaker available during a received call.
I've tried big heaps of google searches to find an answer with many variations of wording.
So far, I've got zilch. I cant get an answer.

Thanks for any helpful replies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but please be aware that I'm an original one finger plodder with no PC brain matter. So don't swamp me with jargon that I cant understand. Treating me like braindead spotty goop is the best way of your kind hearted help being useful and not ignored through my inadequacies.


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May 16, 2010
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Literally tap the speaker icon when in a call. If it's not worming, you're either in Bluetooth mode, your speaker is turned down, or your speaker is broke.