Howdy and WHAT EVER HAVE I DONE HERE? <Samsung Gravity Smart>


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Jun 7, 2012
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The WHAT HAVE I DONE HERE? part is that I bought a Samsung Gravity Smart on eBay. I have a t-mobile gravity-t and it was really not user-friendly for e-mail and whatnot, and I'm 6 months out from my contract ending with t-mobile.

The phone came with a jacked up operating system, apps stalled and died constantly, etc. I found this thread: and was able to get the phone up and running. Doing great until I downloaded a paid verson of Angry Birds Space (just wanted the original without the ads, honestly) ... and it didn't download.

Goodle Play can't help me because I don't have Talk on my phone.

I can do without the game, but now I'm back with the same question I had when I got the phone - it's only a year old; how come neither Samsung nor t-mobile can give me a fresh copy of the stock ROM? What is the story with this phone? It must be bad if no one supports it just 12 months from introduction, no??

Clearly, I'm a total newbie - and I hate being a novice - but I love to learn new stuff, so it's all good. Can/should I keep trying for a stock copy? Or just live with ads on Angry Birds? Or ... ? What else do I need to know. Loving the phone and the set up I found here.

Thanks in advance, you braniacs!


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