HSPA/LTE Signal Drop Issues


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Mar 17, 2012
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(edit: I failed to carefully read the ATT bugs thread. For some reason the relevant posts didn't show up when I searched the forum for 'signal'. Given that other people have seemed to experience this in low-mid signal areas, this is seemingly something that might be on AT&T's side? user adg44 said he eventually had to return the unit as his 30 days were coming up and replacements did nothing to better the problem. Is that the only viable solution for the time being?)

Hello friends,

(located in Boulder, CO)

I originally got the 1x on launch day, and while it worked for the most part, I had signal drop issues. Every now and then I would see I still have 4g connectivity and 2-3 signal bars, but I would receive no calls, texts, or be able to access my data connection. When I went into settings, what I usually saw was that the Mobile Network was on, but the status was "disconnected."

At first I thought it was a bad sim, so I had that swapped out, and it seemed to be flying smooth, but then it started cutting out again. When the post-customs phones were in stock, and shipping with 1.85, AT&T provided me with a post-custom 1x and a new sim in hopes that would fix the problem. Although not as often as before, in the week I have had this replacement unit, twice it's cut out without mentioning to me it's actually disconnected. Both times it was overnight, when no other radios (wifi, bt) were on. I woke up, checked my email, and when I tried to refresh, it said I had no data connection despite the notification bar showing I still had 4g connectivity and 2-3 bars for talk.

Nothing else typically runs during the night except the normal background tasks that would be running through the day, nor do I have any out of the ordinary electronics in the vicinity of the device to introduce possible interference. If it helps to diagnose the problem, I didn't seem to notice any of this when I spent a week in San Diego, CA where I more or less had LTE wherever I went.

Has anybody else read about this or experienced this themselves, and can offer some insight as to a fix? Should I try for a third sim/unit in hopes it's still a hardware/sim fault, or is it time to call it quits and look to other phones?

If the latter, such a shame. It was an excellent device, where I didn't notice the wifi or bt issues others seemed to have had. This was my first prolonged stint with Android and ICS for a phone (have the hp touchpad+cm) and I was loving the experience.
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