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HTC Desire 510: can't 'see' app on the Play Store


New member
Sep 21, 2018
I have tried altering settings on Play Store and Google Play Services on the Desire 510, but it still can't see the app on the Play Store. I understand there is a problem with Lenovo devices as well accessing this app. So is that a problem lying with the developers or the devices? Steve


Jul 14, 2011
If you go to the Play Store on a web browser and log into your account (same one used on your phone), does the app you're looking for show as compatible with your device? If not, that's why the phone can't 'see' it... It's usually the dev who turns compatibility on/off, so they would have to 'unflag' the device or at least explain why they feel it's not compatible.

If the app shows as compatible on a web browser, then that IS a problem with your phone, but at least you should be able to remote install the app from the web browser into your phone.