HTC Desire 510 screen oversensitive, how can I adjust this?


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htc desire 510 screen oversensitive

hi I have an htc desire 510 for no apparent reason my touch screen has gone crazy like its possessed or something you cant even type a message on it every selection I try to tap on brings up a completely different action or app than the one I selected it can be sitting idle then suddenly it calls someone or the music player starts up a song then just as suddenly stops
I bought the phone from a buddy and it was working fine originally on the cricket network I did need to purchase an unlock code to get my t mobile sim to work and everything was working just fine then it went crazy
I have tried resetting the touch screen settings back to default I have done a master reset through the menu options I have tried calibrating the screen through the settings I have also done a battery type of reset by simply removing battery for a few min then re inserting nothing seems to help but then again my knowledge of phones is simple
PLEASE HELP ME this fixable does anyone know why this happened or heard of this type of problem before should I just throw it away please and thank you in advance for anyone taking the time to help me

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Re: htc desire 510 screen oversensitive

Welcome to Android Central! Does this happen only when charging, or even when unplugged? I've seen this behavior related to abnormal charging, for unclear reasons.

If the factory reset didn't fix the problem, then it's probably a hardware issue. You'd have to bring it to a repair shop.

Denny P2

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Feb 29, 2016
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Re: htc desire 510 screen oversensitive

The phone is just fine. Your problem is related to the low quality of the screen. The same thing was happening to me. When ever I had wet or sweaty hands the touch screen would go crazy. I fixed this by applying a screen protector glass. It might do the trick for you as well. :)