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HTC Desire 820s blink feed is displayed in chines.

Damith Karunarathne

New member
May 29, 2015
I am from Sri Lanka and bought a htc desire 820s phone a one week ago but the Highlights(Blink Feed) is displayed in chines language and there is no way to change the language to english. Another issue was there is no any option switch off the shutter sound of camera.
Then I checked the System Update section in About Phone in the Setting and it shows the first update as a50ml_dtul_htccn_chs. I want to know was the update which causes above issues or some thing else and will there any updates to fix this matter?
and will those update be accessible from Sri Lanka?
Please find the attached images for any clarifications.

Plase help me with this matter.


  • Screenshot_2015-05-29-20-39-12.png
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  • Screenshot_2015-05-29-20-40-00.png
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