HTC Desire D816X hspa apn hack to 4g lte?


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Jun 12, 2013
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I need someone that can make the impossible possible. I purchased this phone. I love the sound and the fact that I can use it all day and still have more than 50% battery life. What I don't like is that I cannot get 4g lte. I purchased this 4g lte phone without reading the fine print. It's an international phone. I'm on StraightTalk. I have the apn settings correct, I can send/receive MM and access the internet. The lag is not that bad. But I know it could be faster on 4g lte.

Why this phone? I needed a big display, and good battery, also I can use sites that use flash like ultra-vid and others with no problem and no add ons. The sound is great and battery life is awsome, It also has a decent 5mp front camera and 13mp rear.

For the price it would be perfect if I could get 4g. ST has said there is no real reason why I can't get 4g. Sellers said I should have read the fine print and I'm lucky to have it fully functional.

Please help...I've heard that some have made their own APN's that work great.

Thank you for any help at all.
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