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Jun 20, 2012
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Hi recently I unlocked my EVO with HTC dev.
I am unlocked running hboot 2.18 not sure of the other info. Android 2.3.5. I'm trying to root and I have read captain throwbacks stuff and he uses a computer. I don't have access to a working usb cable for mine. I have a cable it only charges now. It won't recognize my device. When I unlocked bootloader I borrowed my friends cable. But I can get to his cable anymore since I have moved. Anyways. Since yesterday I have been trying to get a custom recovery on my device. I prefer amon ra. And I used a few different ones only 1 kinda worked. But all the others say main version to old. And the one that sorta works just says parsing on the bootloader screen. Which if I'm correct is where I should be to update and install the custom recovery. I'm confused as to why nothing will work. I'm not worried about s-off I just want to put the recovery so i can flash super user and root my phone for WiFi tether. So if you can help me it would be greatly appreciated

EDIT: it locates my files everytime. Some say main version to old. And others just say parsing... And nothing else. I name the files like I'm supposed to and put it on the root of my SD which if I'm correct the root would be where android secure, dcim, download are located. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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