HTC Explorer cannot unlock - screen not responding


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Jun 25, 2013
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Hi, HTC Explorer: cannot pull the ring from the bottom of the screen to unlock it, I have a new HTC One but I cannot transfer the data as I cannot select HTC Transfer on the Explorer to transfer my data.
The phone was never connected to HTC Sync and the data on it is not backed up, there is an 8gb memory card in it but I'm not sure what is on it.
I have opened the phone up and reseated the screen connector and checked all other connectors, still no joy.
When I power it up it takes ages to boot up to the normal screen.
When the device is on the red light at the top right hand side of the screen is constantly on.
I also have to charge the battery on another HTC phone (Desire S) which the battery fits into - the Explorer will not charge the battery.
I cannot connect it to my PC to Sync it as I would need to accept the connection.
I have diverted the phone to another handset and the Divert indication is visible on the top of the screen, so the phone seems to doing some of its function correctly but not all.
Also the touchscreen buttons at the bottom are not lighting up, so they may not be working either, the cable is properly connected.
please help, I only need to get the HTC Transfer turned on and I'll be able to transfer to the new phone.
Would a new Screen Digitiser work?

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