Htc m8 marshmallow update has messed up my phone.

katie hammock

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Mar 5, 2016
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Since updating to marshmallow my phone it crashed 3 times and hasn't had a phone icon or a contact icon I have no access to them at all, I keep getting an error message saying htc sense of social plugin doesn't work and that pops up every 2 minutes and sends 5 pop ups at a time.
I can't watch videos at all on my phone they just won't play and if I do manage to get a facebook one to play occasionally, my phone doesn't produce any sound at all.
I'm not sure what has happened with my phone but I've tried everything I've restored it, reset it, cleared cache partition and factory reset it and none of that has helped.
I think it's the HTC sense social that has messed it up as that seems to always pop up with errors but I have no way of accessing it.
Has anyone had a similar problem or has anyone solved it? This is my last resort before taking it back to a shop.

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