HTC M9 and Honda bluetooth issues..can I get some help?


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HTC M9 and Honda bluetooth issues...

I own a 2005 Acura RL. For the most part the bluetooth stays connected in that car. I work for a Honda dealer. I take many different year cars to the auction every week. Some year Honda/Acura cars are constantly dropping and reconnecting bluetooth. This can happen while I am on the phone or while idle. The screen in the car will show bluetooth disconnected and then it will reconnect a few seconds later. When I am on the phone the call will switch back to the handset and then back to the car a few seconds later.
This has been happening through all of the different Android updates I have tried including Marshmallow that I have installed now.

I have ready many posts about this but no solution. Since I have access to many different make and year Hondas I figured maybe I could help to narrow down the issue.


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Jan 28, 2011
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Get a different phone. That's probably your only option. I have seen my M9 disconnects from my home BT sync frequently. I have to either reboot the phone or BT sync device to stop the mad connect/disconnect cycle. I have used many different phones, M9 is the worst on BT connectivity.


Apr 13, 2011
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I love my M9 except for this BT issue and the camera is far from the best. This is my fourth HTC phone in a row and I have no intentions of changing to another brand.

Any other suggestions?


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Nov 13, 2012
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Some perspective for the readers:
I have NEVER had any BT connection issues with my Sprint M9 and Subaru Forester, so YMMV


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May 1, 2011
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Rather than waste your time trying to pair an M9 with anything, I think the best solution is to use an aftermarket bluetooth car kit. I was able to half-way pair my M9 with my BMW (by refusing to let it access my contacts), but since Marshmallow update it won't even allow that option. It goes into about a 5 minute loop where it will pair and then freeze while looking for contacts (even though I indicate not to allow it to), then just drops the phone from available devices. I gave up and bought a Kinivo bluetooth hands-free kit from Amazon for $35 that works better than stock. It plugs into 12V and auxiliary jack, is small and unobtrusive, and I get streaming media using the aptX codec, which the M9 supports and which dramatically improves bluetooth sound. The only downside is not having my info show up on my i-drive screen, but I have the phone in a cradle anyway, and Google voice search works way better than the voice command for my car. For me it was a better solution than buying a new phone or a new car.

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