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HTC ONE Camera light issues?


New member
Dec 3, 2012
Hello everyone! First time posting here. Brief history. I waited and waited for the iPhone 5 a few years back, and had to use an Evo OG when my Blackberry broke. Fell in love with Android and went to get the GS3 when it came out. While waiting at Sprint played with the Evo 4G LTE and fell in love with the camera. I had the Evo LTE for over a year and LOVED the camera. Dedicated shutter, and it seemed like it couldn't take a bad picture except for the flash which was terrible. So I really wanted the HTC One and an opportunity came to get one which I did. I really love the phone, but I'm finding the camera is not as good as the Evo LTE in my opinion. It seems that if I try to take a picture near any type of lighting that it blinds out the whole picture. I also feel that the autofocus isn't that great either. Is there a way to make the light not effect it as much or is this just a result of the Ultrapixel's taking in too much light? Anyone else have issues with the One's camera?


Well-known member
Sep 23, 2012
The HTC One camera experience varies from user to user. I have found it to be more than enough for my needs but it's not without its shortcomings as any other phone out there.

About the direct light you mentioned, you can try to set the white balance down and make some test when you are trying to take that photos. Play with the manual settings, specially the white balance, ISO and saturation. In my case I took most photos on auto and it takes great pictures.

You can try to use the tap to take picture setting. If you enable it the One will focus and take the photo in one step, instead of tapping to focus and then tapping the shutter button.

The auto focus performance in low light is my main complain with the One but it works a little bit better after the 4.3 update.