HTC One Issue with Google Play Music Unlimited


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Feb 19, 2011
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HTC One M7
Android 4.4.2
Sense 6.0
Play Music 5.5.(really long, newest update)

I have music unlimitted and have for a long time. This works perfectly well on my previous phones and my other android devices. However on my HTC One, I have this weird issue. What happens is the app does not seem to reckognize me as connected to a wifi network when I am.

Since I am on a limited cell data service, I have my phone set to only stream and download when on wifi. It is incapable of doing this because it doesn't recognize that the phone is connected to wifi. If I de-select this option (so it can download/stream via cell), it begins downloading and streaming immediately from my wifi (if connected). This is a decent work arround but I am afraid that I will forget to toggle the setting when I leave my house and will end up with a $20 data fee unexpectedly from this downloading in the background.

Has anyone else seen this? Is it just me? This has actually happened on two different HTC ones I've owned, since I had to return one for the purple camera issue.


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Jul 27, 2011
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Play Music Unlimited working fine on WiFi on my VzW One, 4.4.2 and 6.0.

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May 5, 2010
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Have you figured this out yet?

I had the same problem a few weeks ago and found that the problem was that my wifi networks were configured as mobile hotspots. This also prevented the HTC Backup from working.

Go to Settings and click on More under Wireless & Networks. Then click on Data Manager and then select Mobile hotspots from the menu on the top right. Uncheck all of your wifi networks.

This should solve the problem.