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HTC One (M6, i think) - Salt Water Problem..


AC Question

About 4 months ago my phone fell in salt water in the holidays in Italy.. (i live in Austria) sadly i only received help once i got home so about 3 days after that (from the internet) and while in Italy, i always tried to turn it on, i moved it and i plugged it into the charger for over 24 hours. i think i did everything wrong that can be done wrong. in the end it only really vibrated anymore, no light or anything else. But after the first day after the salt water accident, it died completely and nothing is working anymore.

After that i went to my local tech shop (here called MediaMarkt, in case anyone knows it) and explained the whole thing to them. They told me that my phone is completely bricked and that i can't do anything to revive it.

Now after 4 months of having a new phone, i would love to get my old photos back. But nothing's working, i tried plugging it into the USB on my PC but nothing, i tried the Volume - (also tried it with +), Home Button and Power Button method but it didn't work.

I could probably send the phone to Vienna to the HTC Center or whatever it's called, but i would probably not see my old phone for over 2 weeks or they might say they can't do anything. I also don't have the warranty anymore.

And as many probably know, the HTC One won't let you open it up.

So i am kinda stuck here.. i just want to get my pictures back. :/