HTC One M7 - Erratic battery behavior, picky about chargers.


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Jan 17, 2017
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My M7's battery started misbehaving. It is fairly old, so it doesn't hold as much charge as it used to, but that's quite expected.

1. What is weird is that the phone started being really picky in regards to which charger can actually charge it. When I connect a charger it "likes", it takes about 3-4 hours to charge fully. When I use the "wrong" charger, charging indicator says "13 hours until full" (or some similar extreme value), and the battery doesn't actually charge. A portable battery pack I have doesn't work with it any more, but it charges other phones fine. I thought that it might be the USB cable's fault, but it isn't (I tried switching them around).

2. Also, the phone usually turns off when it reaches around 20% charge (while discharging).

- I tried the recovery cache reset - nothing.

Would buying a new battery maybe fix this problem?

I would appreciate any help, as the phone otherwise works perfectly fine. Thanks!!!


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May 17, 2010
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The M7 is a few years old. Batteries have a limited number of charge cycles. Your symptoms are in line with a battery that is beyond it's effective lifespan.