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HTC One M7 won't turn on!!!


AC Question

Today I was going to message my friends when abruptly my messaging app froze. I promptly closed the app and tried to re-launch with no avail. I then decided to just turn my phone of and let it charge (It was at 30%) and see what happened. However, when i turned it of the Home button and Back button began to Flash and the HTC logo stayed on the screen for quite a while. After it turned off I noticed the orange LED at the top was lit up, so I tried to turn it back on to no avail. My phone is as dead as a brick and I have tried almost everything it said on other forum such as leaving it to chare on my computer, or trying a factory reset with a bright light shone on its light sensor. Nothing has worked. My HTC One is only 8 months old and its never been water damaged or dropped. It just suddenly and Inexplicably broke. Does anyone know a solution?


New member
Aug 13, 2014
No, its completely dead nothing turns on!( I am the Guest from before it wouldn't let me reply)


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Nov 25, 2010
No, its completely dead nothing turns on!( I am the Guest from before it wouldn't let me reply)
Well at least one thing you have in your favor is being only 8 months old its eligible for warranty from HTC if it comes to that point.


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Feb 12, 2012
Which is what I'd do at this point - bring it back and ask for a replacement if they can't get it working reliably. (That means that if they get it working you should be able to turn it off, then back on, then back off, etc., for a few cycles.)

As far as the data on the phone, that's the basis of the old computer axiom, "Any data you don't have backed up to at least 2 independent destinations is data you don't need". Sometimes, electronic devices do just fail catastrophically, and there's no way to get the data from them. The odds of 3 different devices failing at the same time (say, your phone, your computer and a cloud account) is so astronomical that if you worry about things like that you should live in a goose-down-lined bomb shelter and never come out. (Backing up to two cloud severs, each in a different part of the continent, assures that even if California slips into the Pacific you still have a backup available.)