HTC One M8 Hard Bricked - black screen. How can I save my phone?


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Mar 30, 2016
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HTC One M8 Hard Bricked - black screen

The phone won't boot at all, I've tried all the volume+power button combinations possible, not a single response/vibration. I installed the htc sync/drivers and it's not recognized on my pc, doesn't appear in device manager or adb devices. The power led turns on when I plug it in at least.

Backstory as you'd ask how someone could manage this: I was running a mostly stock 4.4.4 rom for the past month, no problems here. Decided to upgrade to this 6.0 rom (MRA58K.H11), opted for some tweaks in aroma, nothing too special,
it ran with no problems for the evening. Today the alarm ringed at 9am, I disabled it, woke up at ~11am and here we are, black screen.

I was running TWRP and had no problems with 6.0 roms in the past.