HTC One M8, how to boot into android?

Detrx Aegis

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Oct 12, 2014
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HTC One M8 from AT&T

I had to manually update to android 6.2 with the official RUU, I didnt this before to update to 5.x with no issues. This time around while updating to 6.2 it got stuck on the last part im pretty sure (this was months ago). I left it overnight to see if it needed more time but it was still stuck when i woke up, so i unplugged it. Now it wont boot past the HTC logo but i can get into bootloader.
When i plug it into my computer i hear the noise it makes when something is connected but I dont know where to look to see if my pc has registered my phone. I cant even try to do the latest RUU phone doesnt register.


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