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HTC One M8 Notifications


AC Question

Been a long time iPhone user. Just got a new HTC One M8 yesterday. I'm starting to have buyers remorse. I can't figure out their notification system. On the iPhone, I have email and text messages sent up to send me alerts. If I'm using my phone and an email or text message comes in a get an immediate alert on my screen. In the locked screen, they still come in and a can scroll through when I wake my phone.

I can't find this notification alert style on the HTC One M8. If I'm on the M8, I get the notification sound plus some symbol at the top saying what could of message it is. I then have to swap down to see the actual alert. I do know on the locked screen, you see the alerts once you wake your phone.

Is there any you on the M8 to make your alerts show up like on the iPhone?


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May 21, 2014
They're pretty similar in notifications, except the HTC doesn't come awake during a notification. U can check out floatifications, it'll make the screen wake up when u receive a text or email, & any other app that sends push notifications

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