HTC ONE (M8) or Nexus 5?


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Jan 25, 2013
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So, I'm going to be paying off my iPhone 5S soon and I think I'm going to be going back to android. However, we have a lot of great phones right now, and I'm stuck between two of them.

I love the HTC ones build quality and its supposed to have a better battery. Better speakers are nice, but I don't do much listening without headphones.

The nexus 5 I like its UI better I think and its price plus that it'll get updates faster.

I'm not a big photographer, so a average or OK camera is fine with me.

I should mention that while there is a Google play edition of the M8, I can't justify 700 dollars up front. I'd rather pay the subsidy or the payments with att next. And I don't find sense to be that bad compared to other skins.

What do you guys think? Is here another att phone that may be better?