HTC ONE M9 stuck on booting screen and won't go into recovery mode?


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Dec 24, 2016
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So my HTC ONE M9 has decided to stop working. It ran out of battery, and when I turned it back on it just hung on the HTC loading screen, even after leaving for an hour.

I managed to do the power + volume down thing to get to the bootloader, and I was just planning on doing a hard reset, but when I tried to go into the recovery mode I got this message:

"Failure to boot to recovery mode
Press volume up or down to go back to the menu

This build is for download purposes only.
Do not distibute outside of HTC without HTc's written permission. Failure to conply may lead to legal action."

I have not rooted it. I have not messed about with it in any way. It just randomly packed in.

Prior to this I had some issues with it running out of battery and all the settings being wiped, and the gallery on the phone refusing to work. But other than that, it was in perfect working order generally.



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Feb 12, 2012
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1. Running the battery down to 0 a few times could kill it permanently.

2. One hour on a charger for a totally dead battery is barely enough time for a precharge (or not enough time, depending on the charger). leave the charger plugged in at least overnight. (And you might still need a new battery. It's the price we have to pay to not carry a lead-acid battery around - recharge at 40% or higher charge.)

3. If you wiped the OS somehow, you'll have to reflash it (which is why all important files should always be backed up).

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