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[HTC One Remix] my sent texts are disappearing to one user (but they are receiving them still)


New member
Jul 9, 2016
So one contact of mine is getting my texts, but when they respond (at least I only notice it when they respond), some of my texts disappear from the text log.

I suppose it's not a huge deal since they are at least receiving them (altho they did say once they didn't get a text of mine. a text that did NOT disappear). But it kinda bugs me to look at the text log and see missing texts.

Anyone know if this can be fixed? Why is it just one recipient? Part of me wonders if all my texts are going through to everyone else (I do get about a 10% non-response rate, tho usually those ppl say sorry and that they got the text).

Yes, my phone is old and I'll hopefully be getting a new one sometime this year. But for now, I gotta deal w/ what I got.



Trusted Member
Aug 5, 2015
Which phone?
Which version of android?
which carrier?
Which SMS app?

How old are these messages that are disappearing? Some SMS apps have an option to automatically delete messages older than X days.