HTC One S . No response to charger, ultimately turned off.


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Dec 27, 2016
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My HTC One S, is not charging and no led display. Few days back my phone stopped turning on and than I removed the battery for few minutes and charged, phone turn on and worked properly. However, now it was turned on but it was not responding to charger and battery power was going down. I tried many chargers and even usb with the computer but it was not responding to the charger, no led, no charger sign. Meanwhile, I also restarted the phone, it only decreased battery power but did not help to start charging. Ultimately, battery power ended and phone went to shut down. I again removed the battery for some time, but useless. I ordered a new battery and put it, thinking that battery might have broken, but the new battery is also not charged, no sign of life, no led sign and no response to the charger. Please, can you help me take back my phone in life, just for few hours, so that I could copy my data and contacts?

Note: I observed sometimes my son put charger cable in wrong orientation, but he did it many time, still phone did not had problem.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Moved to the One S forum.

It could be an issue with the microUSB port, or possibly something more fundamental like the motherboard. Check the port to make sure there isn't any debris lodged in there. If it's clean, then you'll probably have to bring it to a repair shop to figure it out.

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