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HTC One updatr


New member
Nov 29, 2013
Hi guys ,

Since the update to 4.3 the phone become less stable, bad camera focus capabilities, DLNA player stuck while browsing files and few ather annoying feature ....

The 4.2.2 was performing PERFECT and I'm not really sure why I did the upgrade :(.

Does someone else suffering from same issues?
Is there any traditional way to roll back to the previous firmware?

Help, please , just want to get my old HTC One back...


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Well-known member
Sep 23, 2012
I haven't experienced any issues with 4.3 on my US unlocked model. If you want to go back to 4.2.2 and see if that helps you, there are RUU file on HTCDev.com that you can run on your computer to install the version you want. Locate the version for your model, download it and run it. This will reset your phone, so make a backup before you do it.

Dave Clark

Well-known member
Nov 21, 2012
Have you tried a factory reset? This may clear up your issues since updating? It's always a good idea to FR before/after an update.