htc one x battery drop from 60% to zero in less than a second.


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Jan 8, 2013
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Hello, my htc one x (ATT) for the past three times ive charged it the battery goes from around 60-50% to zero instantly. My phone will be on with minimal battery use and with strong full signal then out of nowhere the device shuts off it dosent even shut down it just goes black and it will not turn on. And when i do plug it back in it takes a minute for the light to stop blinking how could it die that fast ????????? i am going to contact att and or htc tomarrow but i dont want to wait 2 to 4 weeks to get my phone back. thank you for your help :D

( i would add a screenshot but i am new to this site and cant figure out why it wants me to add a url ? XD )
but in the battery use app showes that the phone has been on battery for 5 hours strong signal wifi off (data, bluetooth, and gps) are also off.
but the chart shows the battery go down until around 60% then just drop 180 degrees down to zero and shows the gap where the phone was off.

thx again


Sep 1, 2011
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That phone may have battery memory and might have a memory issue. Trying downloading tapatalk on your phone and using the forums with it. Your battery might also be messed up. Try a battery pull and plug it back in and see what it does from there.

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