htc one x hanging on 'quietly brilliant'


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Aug 11, 2013
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Hi All.
How Can I get my pictures off my poorly One X?

Really need help with my 1x. It switched itself off the other day in my pocket and now it hangs on the 'quietly brilliant' screen and wont start up. I have rooted it and it has clockworkmod recovery v5.8.2.7 on it- I didnt put a custom rom on it, just rooted it.
I am unable to mount USB storage through clockworkmod as I am getting 'unable to open ums lunfile (no such file or directory)' error. I had hoped that if i could mount the usb, i could at least access the sd through my pc to transfer pictures from my phone. I am really at a loss now. I was wondering if it could be a battery issue (i have had it on charge for sometime but on the hboot screen it says 'battery level is too low to flash'). I really dont know what to do now. if i cannot connect via usb to pc, then i have no way of trying to transfer pics and files or un-rooting or transferring and img files to try some sort of re-flash.
In CWM recovery, i have browsed for zip files and can see all the folders there so i assume all my pictures are also still present.
The pictures are the most important to me as they are holiday pics. I would, of course, just like the phone to work again but at the very least, be able to get my pics off it.
Also posted this in xda-developers as I am desperate for a solution. Really want my pics back.
Any help much appreciated guys. Thanks, Pete.