HTC Power to Give - Potentially cure cancer, AIDS, etc.

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Sep 28, 2011
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Droid Maxx users,

I highly recommend downloading this app for background processing during night time, plugged in, and on WiFi. Since our phone is plugged in on WiFi, you won't have to worry about battery life and data consumption with this app. It is only activated when the two are true.

What does this app do? Several organizations are looking to do computations, but are limited with bandwidth due to the limitations of their servers. CPU power is huge on these servers. These organizations, according to HTC, are to help with Humanity's progression. But the best part is, you can choose where you would like to put your phone's CPU power towards in regards to the projects given.

Why do I recommend it? It's an app that is running when you're "sleeping" essentially since most of our phones are plugged in at night. So it's not hurting any limitations on your device when using CPU power. The other thing is that, when your screen is on, the background process for the HTC app stops completely until the screen fades out again.

Risks? Your CPU bandwidth is being used for these organizations that are looking for things such as cures. But we are also basing that on the Honor system in regards that our CPU bandwidth is really being put to that use and no other uses.
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