Huawei Mate 20 Lite No LTE symbol? No Android 9.0 update? No EMUI 9.0 update?


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Jul 20, 2018
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I tried to post this in here, but it accidentally got posted in the general area, so apologies for the duplicate post. Anyways, I recently purchased a Huawei Mate SE for $130. I was really impressed at the quality and I liked the EMUI software. But the phone is outdated so now that I know I like Huawei, I decided to get a Huawei Mate 20 Lite. I'm not a heavy phone user. But the Mate 20 Lite isn't at all like the Mate SE. Now Huawei has a "suite" of software apps, but they aren't available to use in the USA. It has Android Oreo and will not update to Android Pie and it has EMUI 8.2 and will not upgrade to EMUI 9.0. I wanted the Mate 20 lite for the bigger screen, bigger battery, better camera, USB-C charging, 5Ghz WiFi, and more updated software. There are some versions of this phone that don't support USA LTE bands, but I made sure have the version that supports ALL of the AT&T LTE bands. My Mate SE would say "LTE" but my Mate 20 Lite only says "4G". I used the app called LTE discovery and it shows AT&T band 2. Another time I used it, it shows Band 17. Both LTE. But I know nothing of the app. If it shows the LTE bands and signal strength, does that mean I am actually connected to that LTE band, or does it just mean that band is in the area? I am in the return window to return either one of these Huawei phones. I actually am more impressed with the Mate SE due to it's outdated EMUI which I like better, but I'd be happy with the Mate 20 Lite if I KNEW FOR SURE I was getting LTE speed and if there were a way that I could get Android Pie and EMUI 9.0 without having to manually mod the phone. Android Pie is in China, but no mention of Android Pie or EMUI 9.0 for a phone that was released in 2018. I know this was long but I have a lot that I need to know. Thanks in advance!

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