Huawei Mate SE Screen Timeout

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My screen dims and then turns off after about 8 seconds on my Huawei Mate SE. I've seen multiple posts about this, but there never seems to be a clear resolution. There are also many videos on changing the screen timeout, but these all just refer to Settings>Display>Sleep (which of course, I have already tried). This is the second Huawei phone I've had, and the issue existed with both phones. This makes me think this is some system setting intended on Huawei phones, but others are getting around this.

I've confirmed that Power Saving Mode is not on, my Sleep time is set to "Never", and I am unable to turn on "Safe Mode". I've also tried entering the Developer Mode and setting the Stay Awake option.

I downloaded several apps to prevent screen timeout, but none have been able to stop the quick timeout.

Any ideas?